C. Michelle Bryan

She defines the Difference 

She exploits the Difference 

She is the “Difference Maker” 

As a woman executive, in an environment that is customarily dominated by men, do you often find yourself sitting along the wall, as part of the supporting cast, during meetings. Are you invited to meetings but with the perception that you’re there to take notes?

Your winning ideas could mean the 

difference between a profit margin of 5 percent or 50 percent. 

So, what’s it going to take for you to own a seat at the table and be the Difference Maker? 

Michelle has more than 27 years of experience clearing the path from a seat along the wall to a seat at the table leading in high performing organizations. Michelle sits at the table as an influencer and decision maker, routinely, with top Executives across industry and government. Michelle has worked as an effective and successful Chief of Staff to several high-ranking military and government officials. Michelle is an accomplished Senior Executive Leader with over a decade of demonstrated success in predominately male law enforcement organizations. 

When Michelle is on the platform you will discover how to command attention, lead discussions, and resourcefully drive and influence change. You will be heard and seen in a way that sets you apart from the ordinary, positioning you where you belong, at the top, among the extraordinary. As a powerful and confident leader, you deserve a seat at the table and not as the note taker. 

Define what makes you different, exploit that difference and be the Difference Maker.